Rich People Love Fast Food; Wacky Waffle Dishes in the City

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A new report reveals that as household incomes increase, so do visits to fast-food restaurants.
[LA Times]

A new website has been created to help purchase food for Occupy Wall Street protesters from local food vendors.

In honor of Andy Rooney, who died last week after a brief illness, here are five of his best food-related rants.
[Miami New Times]

Canning has increased in popularity by 35 percent in the past three years. But there are others ways to preserve food.
[Washington Post]

A downtown sandwich shop owner claims that Occupy Wall Street protesters have repeatedly harassed her and her staff.
[NY Post]

Looking for wacky waffle dishes around the city? Check out Waffle & Wolf, Spot Bar, and Marc Forgione.
[NY Post]

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