Explain This Scene!

Stumbled on this scene on 23rd Street as I wobbled home from the barbecue last evening. Anyone have any idea what it means? In the comments, please. Nothing has been altered or rearranged. Best explanation will receive praise. Click on image to make seeing it a lot easier.

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Leslie-Anne Brill
Leslie-Anne Brill

Gotta give this pumpkin "props"for turning heads last night . . .When Gaga spied this gristly scene,she dropped her gloves in fright:in a dark and filthy alleyoutside the club's back door,a stain upon the sidewalkshowed the body of a boar!Her Rolls became a pumpkin,her bow became a roach,she fled into a taxiand ate barbecue in coach.The sanitation workerthought this orange orb too freshto let its flesh be plastic-baggedand hauled out with the trash.

[IOW, WTF??]