NYC's 10 Weirdest Restaurants

Your $25 sashimi appetizer arrives enveloped in mountain vapors.

1. Ninja -- Imagine a windowless restaurant deep in the stuffy basement of a Tribeca building, crudely outfitted to look like -- a Spanish castle? The premises are a literal maze of fake stone painted black, curving and rickety wooden passageways, and private booths bunched inscrutably with garish plastic flowers. The waiters are outfitted as Japanese ninjas, lacking swords, throwing stars, or nunchuks, but having a propensity for jumping into your frame of view and screaming at three-minute intervals, or feinting as if throwing, say, a plate of food in your direction when your order eventually does arrive. Despite this noisy activity, the waiters don't pay any real attention to your table, and spend most of their time reciting a canned set of jokes at every table in their area, or should I say prefecture? On a too-recent visit, Fork in the Road heard our waiter say to nearly every party as he went down the pathway, "I put a roofie in your food. Haha, no I didn't. That wouldn't be legal." Gone are many of the thematic stunts pulled when the restaurant was in its infancy, and prices were much higher, as evidenced by Frank Bruni's review. This place is not for the nervous, and you could do better, food-wise, in a neighborhood Japanese carryout. 25 Hudson Street, 1995 to present

The ninja waiter is your friend -- unless he's jumping out and screaming at you like a lunatic on the street.

All seating is in booths, and the décor seems vaguely Spanish.

Next: That video from Asti. See how long you can stand to watch it.

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