Study: Alcohol Linked to Breast Disease in Teens

A Harvard researcher has found that alcohol could put teens at risk for benign breast disease, a risk factor for breast cancer.
[Times of India]

Catholics, rejoice! An Arizona bishop has reversed his unpopular decision to serve communion wine only on feast days.
[USA Today]

Adrian Grenier, of Entourage fame, plans on launching a sustainable wine label in December.
[Hollywood Reporter]

The Scotch Whiskey Association has recently stated the obvious: that alcohol-free whiskey, set to go on sale December 1 (in cans, no less), is as bad an idea as any other alcohol-free spirit.
[Examiner (UK)]

If you steal beer from a convenience store, try not to get run over by your getaway car.
[Orlando Sentinel]

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Breast Augmentation Toronto
Breast Augmentation Toronto

Alcohol is a problem for everyone, no matter the age. Of course, teens are more predisposed to have problems with, because that's their idea of having fun. But if alcohol can lead to benign breast diseases, well, that's another problem which can have other, more severe consequences. Something must be done to make teens aware that alcohol is not fun.

Rachel Styles
Rachel Styles

Alcohol affects people differently. Some people after a night of drinking can sleep the day away but other people wake up early after a night of drinking. If you want to know why your body does this, this article gives a great explanation on it.


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