Tom Colicchio Offers Words of Warning to Future Chefs

In this video for the Discovery Channel, Tom Colicchio emphasizes that chef "means boss. That's all it means," and that, while being a chef is now a respected profession, becoming one doesn't automatically mean you're going to be on TV.

He also notes that the skill set necessary to turn out restaurant food is far different from cooking a great meal at home. And that TV has created unrealistic expectations for a career in culinary endeavors. Colicchio -- host of the wildly popular Top Chef, and executive chef of Craft and Colicchio & Sons, among other restaurants -- points out that it should take five to 10 years of cooking before even becoming a sous-chef. Patience, would-be chefs! Truer words were never spoken.

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One area which hurts this professional journey of a chef, is the restaurant owner. Often firing the older chef to promote the sous chef.... less money, etc. Such a vicious cycle I watch on the front lines.

Jonsoileau Ac
Jonsoileau Ac

Take your time becoming intimately familiar with the basics, the ingredients, composition and confident leadership. It's a journey, not a direct flight!

The Baker !
The Baker !

I think Chef Tom Should learn how to pay his bills ! His Company Craftsteak stills owes my bakery over a thousand dollars in unpaid bread deliveries !Great Going Chef Tom ! lol Shame on You !

Zimmermans Bakery Las Vegas !