Cafetiny Replaces Casetta, Trades Chocolate Chip Cookies for Baklava

Lauren Shockey
Time for a post-lunch baklava break?

Just over a year ago, Casetta opened in what's surely 8th Street's smallest storefront, selling coffee and baked goods from Sarivole. Alas, that's no longer the case, as 11 West 8th Street (212-470-4550) has since been turned into Cafetiny, a baklava and coffee spot.

Baklava goes for $2.90 for two pieces, packaged in a plastic to-go box. Also available are selected cookies and other small bites, plus a full selection of espresso beverages. The flaky square cookies are stuffed with pistachios and perfectly nutty, but why we're fans is that, unlike so many versions that are laden in syrup, these aren't tooth-numbingly sugary. Just a touch of sweetness -- making it the perfect playmate for a spiced Turkish coffee.

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