Cops: Food Stamps Traded for Blow and Cash

Not a positive idea
So you can't use food stamps to go to Hawaii -- but you might be able to feed your cocaine habit with them.

Cops in Lynn, Massachusetts -- a Boston suburb -- say eight people used Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for coke and cash, according to The Boston Globe.

Police told reporters that four Lynn bodegas routinely overcharged on SNAP transactions -- which work like debit cards.

So, customers would pay $100 in SNAP funds for food, but actually receive $50 in groceries and $50. Authorities say the scheme has gone on since at least 2009, according to the Globe.

Some of these convenience stores truly lived up to their names, even offering customers blow in exchange for food stamps.

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I wonder how many drugged-out banker parties American taxpayers have funded over the past decade. $7.7 trillion in free money to already-rich people probably financed some epic good times. Which is ok, because only rich people are allowed to exploit a system to enjoy themselves 

Even if these allegations are true, people aren't actually spending their food stamp money on drugs. They're trading it through a third party for something else, which is importantly different and obviously illegal. You can't take out cash with food stamps, which means that the people who abuse the system this way are knowingly committing fraud. Many conservatives would argue that the rampant black market gun trade that kills thousands every year does not justify making all guns illegal, and that we should only punish the people who are committing the crimes. That seems pretty logical to me, although defending the rights of Americans to feed their children is probably more important than allowing someone to buy multiple automatic weapons in the same day.