Gizmodo Gallery Offers You Instant Pancakes (and Other Cool Tech Trends)

Lauren Shockey
The Popcake machine: what every kitchen needs

Have you ever wished there was a machine that magically made mini pancakes instantly and didn't require any cooking? Well, Gizmodo Gallery is up and running once again. Located at 329 Broome Street through December 11, the expo highlights all sorts of cool gadgets and inventions, the coolest of which (at least for the culinary-minded) is the instant pancake machine called the Popcake Machine.

Lauren Shockey
Inside the machine

Pancake batter is placed inside the machine, which then spurts out a predetermined amount that then cooks on two hot panels. Ten perfect four-inch pancakes come out at a time, piping-hot and actually quite tasty.

Lauren Shockey

And yes, you can sample as many mini pancakes as desired. Powdered sugar and syrup, included.

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