Gregory's 26 Corner Taverna: 6 Unforgettable Dishes

Fried salt-cod patties served with scordalia

This week Counter Culture coasts in to Gregory's 26 Corner Taverna, a rustic bar in a white frame house with wonderful Greek food. Here are some of my favorite dishes.

1. Bakaliaro With Scordalia (above) -- It's really made with pollock, not the endangered cod, and the patties are glove-soft. Just pull off a bite and dip it in the mega-garlicky potato dip called scordalia. A little goes a long way.

2. Fried Peppers -- They look like they should be hot as hell, but these charcoal-grilled peppers are sweet instead, with a taste about a thousand times better than a bell pepper's.

3. Whole Grilled Porgy -- The porgy, too, is charcoal-grilled, and arranged on the plate in a manner you might find cute, or slightly gruesome. The skin is turned downward so you can easily extract the flesh, and covered with olive oil and parsley. Fish finds no better cooking method.

My dinner party waves a greeting. Come join us next to the "Food Allergies Can Be Serious" poster.

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armchair editor
armchair editor

Come join us next to the choking poster.It clearly says "Food allergies can be serious" at the top of the poster.

armchair editor
armchair editor


A comment on the poster itself: If I recall correctly, it provides information for a restaurant's staff. (No doubt, someone with a serious food allergy would not need a reminder to discuss the matter with the waiter.)  I would think it should be displayed where employees are likely to see it and a corner of the dining room isn't such a spot.


I can say with full confidence that the staff is very attentive and careful about food allergies. I eat there regularly with a friend who has celiac disease, and they handle her requirements with as much care and concern as her own mother would. Additionally, they are very accomodating to vegetarians (which i am)... Its just a tiny place, probably no suitable wall space in the prep area.