Hot Dog With Chili, Cheese, and Onions at Papaya King

Papaya King, 86th Street and Third Avenue, 9:30 p.m.

Founded in 1932, Papaya King is the first of the Greek-owned hot-dog chains to serve papaya drink -- to aid in digestion, or so the claim goes. The pairing of hot dog and papaya drink was also thought to be especially healthy and nutritious when the place was founded. Now, hot dogs of this type are anathema to nutritionists, due to fat and salt content. And, truth be told, the beverage (and its various troupical-juice brethren also available) is not all that great. Spring for the fresh orange juice if you must moisturize.

The hot dog itself is wonderful, making a resounding pop when you bite into it, and oozing salty material.

The chili, cheese, and onion frank is an Upper East Side classic, priced at $3, including tax, and available 24 hours per day.

$3 of pure pleasure, with cheese as yellow as the sun -- or yellower

Papaya King
179 East 86th Street

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When on the Upper East Side it is nearly impossible for us to pass up Papaya King! Delicious every single time!


It's a shame but it seems you've never actually had a Papaya King hot dog. At under 200 calories per hot-dog which are 100% all beef (fore and hind leg) meat only with no "fillers" and encased in organic sheep intestine casing and not the man made plastic/rubbery casing. The upper east side location has been in business in the same spot for over 80 years! This only happens when you've got a great product. Period!