Magic Masala: Lay's Potato Chips From India. Wow!

On a trip to Baltimore last week, I stumbled on a Nepalese grocery in the northern reaches of the city that had an attractive display of Lay's potato chips -- but these weren't just any Lay's potato chips. This assortment was from India, where Lay's is aggressively invading the snack-food market.

I bought the two bags they had -- India's Magic Masala and Spanish Tomato Tango, apparently part of a five-bag international collection of flavors, perfect fusion food.

The chips are reddish and wavy, and explode with flavor.

The slogan of the collection is "Be DiLogical," apparently referring to a famous Bollywood film.

The chips are really Ruffles, corrugated and thicker than American chips, giving them a nice crunch. At first they taste salty, but then waves of masala spice sweep over you, ending in a note of cumin. They also leave a pleasing burn on the lips. Amazing! I was prepared to taste one, and then toss the bag. But my hand kept creeping over to the bowl and eating chip after chip, two at a time for maximum enjoyment.

These chips are a zillion times better than the chemical-burn flavored chips made by Frito-Lay in the U.S. The ingredients list actually reveals the sequence of spices:

Onion Powder
Chili Powder
Dry Mango Powder
Coriander Powder
Ginger Powder
Garlic Powder
Black Pepper Powder
Black Salt

Still haven't located a source for them in NYC. Let me know if you know a place that sells them.

Next: An Indian commercial for the chips

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Evan Sholle
Evan Sholle

I would imagine you could find this at one of the S Asian grocery stores in Woodside. I'm going to look for it next time I'm out there.

John S.
John S.

So right.  These things are amazing.


What store is this? I'm going back home to Baltimore for the holidays and would love to pick up a bag or 100!


Mt. Everest Groceries6835 Loch Raven BoulevardBaltimore, MD(410) 321-0235

Amazing selection of South Asian groceries of every sort, and don't miss the hot samosas by the cash register 


Excellent! I know exactly where that is. Thank you.