Newt Gingrich: Obama Is the "Finest Food Stamp" President

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Newt Gingrich thinks Barack Obama is a bad president -- for helping more poor Americans eat.

Thing is, Obama isn't exactly responsible for recent, record-setting numbers of food-stamp beneficiaries.

Gingrich, who wants to run on the Republican ticket in the 2012 presidential election, has repeatedly criticized both the food-stamp program and President Obama, under whose leadership the benefits expanded.

Gingrich's statements have gotten flak from analysts, as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) first grew during George W. Bush's presidency, not Obama's tenure. The Bush administration aggressively courted eligible Americans to seek benefits, CNBC reports. Experts say that SNAP has ballooned mainly because of the economy -- not Obama's policies.

In his latest tirade against SNAP, however, Gingrich told CNBC: "We are going to have the candidate of food stamps, the finest food-stamp president in the American history, in Barack Obama, and we are going to have a candidate of paychecks."

Last month, Gingrich told reporters that people used SNAP for exotic getaways.

"You don't get food stamps," the former House speaker told the media. "You get a credit card, and the credit card can be used for anything. We've had people take their food-stamp money and use it to go to Hawaii."

He then told ABC: "They give food stamps now to millionaires. Because after all, don't you want to be compassionate? You know the Obama model: Isn't there somebody you'd like to give money to this week?"

Of course, these statements are completely full of shit. Gingrich has yet to recant any of his BS claims.

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And Newt is the same liar he has always been. I get $9600 on social security a year and pay my rent out of that. If I got $1200 a year, I would not be elgible for food benefits. That's the cut off point for one person. I can not even buy toilet paper with my EBT card much less go to Hawaii.  Millionaires do NOT get food benefits and neither does anyone take trips to Hawaii.