Eating at Holiday Markets: The South Street Seaport

Lauren Shockey

'Tis the season to spend mad money on everyone in your life. If you're not down with buying booze or quirky gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, the city's bounty of holiday markets offer a nice selection of unique presents. Even better, most markets offer a selection of snacks, foodie gifts, and full-on eating. Throughout the week, we'll be highlighting the culinary offerings at the city's holiday markets. Up first: the South Street Seaport Holiday Market.

Truth be told, we're going to start off the week with the worst. It's not so much that the South Street Seaport market is a total dud, but it's not really worth going there unless you live or work in the immediate neighborhood. The gifts mostly comprise scarves, hats, and ornaments, while the food is limited to three stalls. But of those three stalls, here's what to order:

Lauren Shockey

German Christmas Market's Smoked Cheese Sausage With Sauerkraut: Brats and sausages are a common sight at almost all of the city's holiday markets, ostensibly because of the portability of a sausage in a bun. Two kinds of sausages are available: a classic bratwurst and a smoked sausage filled with cheese. The cheese option is the clear way to go. It's got good meaty flavor and the squirts of cheese every now and then add to the excitement. Top it off with some sauerkraut and mustard and you've got a winning lunch. At $6, it's not cheap, but it's a better deal than the market's sweet options.

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