Soy Sausage Kills 5 at Mexican Drug Rehab Center

Authorities say that soy sausage has killed five recovering drug addicts and made dozens more ill at a rehab center in Mexico, according to the Associated Press.

Cops in Guadalajara don't know whether the sick-making sausage was just poorly preserved, and a breeding ground for the germs that cause food poisoning, or whether competing drug cartels -- which often force recovering addicts to work as hit men and smugglers -- intentionally dosed the dish with cyanide.

Most of the food served at this and other rehab centers in Mexico comes from donations. This particular soy sausage was served at the clinic for Christmas dinner. Almost immediately after the meal, many reported nausea and dizziness.

Police have decided to investigate the incident, and figure out whether a freak occurrence -- or foul play -- took place.

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Drug rehab centers oklahoma
Drug rehab centers oklahoma

This was an entire massacre... Jesus Christ!! I think it was very well planned before actually taking place. The drug rehab probably refused to pay some kind of protection tax to the local mobsters..

Lisa Austin
Lisa Austin

I think it's REAL STRANGE how the village voice will not report the "real violence" in Mexico. Such as, the beheadings or investigate the Mexican Drug Lords paper trail in the USA. Perhaps he is scared

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Alcohol rehab oklahoma

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