Our 10 Best Things to Eat at the Union Square Holiday Market

Lauren Shockey
A super-cheesy pretzel makes for fine snacking while shopping.

Well, we've saved the best for last. After visiting several of the bigger, non-pop-up holiday markets that have cropped up this season, we can say that the most varied and delicious culinary options can be found at the Union Square Holiday Market. Whether you're looking for an artisanal foodie gift or simply a quick bite, you're likely to leave here sated and happy. So even if you've finished all of your Chrismukkah shopping, you should still head over and check out Our 10 Best Things to Eat at the Union Square Holiday Market.

10. Sigmund Pretzel Shop's Cheddar-and-Truffle Pretzel: Hello, this is a pretzel covered in cheese and flavored like truffles. What more could you ask for on a pretzel than that? It's like filling your crack pipe with rocks and then adding in some meth. The more decadence the better! $4

9. Kings County Jerky Korean BBQ Flavor: What makes for better snacking while shopping than a big bag of dried beef? It's meaty and full of protein, giving you the energy you'll need to traverse the madhouse crowd situation. You can get it plain, too, but we like the spicier, soy-lilted version. $10

8. Wafels & Dinges' De Throwdown Wafel: This Belgian food truck makes a fine waffle, warm and yummy, with edges crisped to golden brown. But you want more than just a waffle; you want a waffle decked out in its finest. Yes, that means dressed in speculoos and whipped cream. $6

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