Waverly Diner: Breakfast Check

The newly reopened Waverly Diner admits plenty of pre-winter sun.

When my colleague, the eagle-eyed Lauren Shockey, reported that the Waverly Diner had just reopened after a what-seemed-like-forever hiatus, I dragged my ass over there as quickly as possible, just to see if the place could possibly be the same as it ever was.

As the most famous of Village Greek diners, the joint is familiar to thousands of residents and visitors. It never was the best Greek diner in the Village, but everyone who hangs out downtown has found herself in there at one time or another -- and it's open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Though there's twice as much seating now, some on a raised platform that runs the depth of the front room, the dimpled Naugahyde upholstery and the faux-polished wood of the tables and dividers has been faithfully reproduced at the four-person and novel two-person booths, as if art restorers had been involved.

And speaking of art, the quasi-naive mural of Jefferson Market Courthouse (now a library) in the days when Sixth Avenue was dominated by an elevated train has been retained and, perhaps, degreased.

I tried a breakfast I've eaten dozens of times before to judge the food: two over-easy eggs, cottage fries (as they call them, somewhat inaccurately), sausages, whole-wheat toast, ice water, and coffee. The price was about the same as before: $8 plus change.

Herewith a description of my breakfast experience:

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