Food Lovers Hit With Diet Tips

Someone could stand to lose a few pounds.
​Every treadmill is taken, the quinoa shelf is empty, and orange-juice-fast bags hang off the shoulders of legging-clad ladies. It must be January.

Post-New Year's, everyone, and their mother, makes resolutions, vowing to cut out alcohol and give up white bread. And even though the food world is usually immune to fad diet trends, many publications are feeding the frenzy this year.

Go to the Bon Appétit website and you'll find them touting a "cleanse" for food lovers. This two-week program includes plenty of veggies and fruits plus lean meats and lots of grains, in rotating combinations like an avocado-grapefruit salad and bulgur breakfast cereal. Yogurt also makes a number of appearances, topping pears and accompanying lentils.

Flip through the January-February issue of Edible Manhattan and you'll find a piece on the Blueprint juice cleanse, a six-juice-per-day option that's prepared in Long Island City. You can get your daily dose delivered to your door or pick some up à la carte at the Tribeca Whole Foods.

The Today-run blog Bite recommends that substituting ethnic condiments -- fish sauce, harissa, kimchi -- will save you a few calories here and there. Even the Insatiable Critic, Gael Greene, is getting in on the thigh-slimming action by providing chef Cesare Casella's dietetic cabbage soup recipe in her biweekly newsletter. Next thing you know, they'll all be trading in bacon worship for full-time vegan living. Or maybe not.

For more dining news, head to Fork in the Road.

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