Behold the Weirdness That Is the Grāpple, the Grape-Flavored Apple

Lauren Shockey
Notice the long "a." It doesn't rhyme with Snapple.

While grocery shopping over the weekend at our local Garden of Eden, we chanced upon yet another fruit we had never heard of before: the Grāpple. Yes, someone has actually created the grape-flavored apple. Surprisingly, this fruit isn't a GMO hybrid, but rather a Washington Extra Fancy Gala or Fuji apple that's been soaked in a concentrated grape-flavor solution, which imparts a Concord grape taste to the apple while retaining the apple's texture. Which begs the question, Why? If you want a grape-flavored fruit, what the hell is wrong with grapes?

Wanting to learn more about this bizarre fruit, we purchased the Grāpples, which come in a four-pack clamshell because the Washington Department of Agriculture deems the product as "processed." Thus, it may not be tampered with by consumers before purchase and must be kept separate from other loose or bulk apples. The aroma was quite grapy, actually very similar to Dimetapp, but the fruit itself was much more apple-y than expected. The apple itself was crisp, with moderate sweetness and acidity -- rather boring, actually, except for the weird grape taste.

Lauren Shockey
Looks like an apple, tastes like a grape

But really, why does this product exist? According to the Grāpple website: "Where kids are concerned, the selection of good fruit choices in winter can be difficult. This winter give them something they might really enjoy in their lunchbox or for an after school snack. Offer a Washington state apple that may look like others, but the taste is purely unique." OK, so this is a product specifically created for children. Sure, apples are easier to transport in a lunch box or backpack than grapes, and Concord grapes can be hard to find in grocery stores. But what's wrong with giving kids a handful of apple slices and a bunch of regular grapes? Do we really want our kids growing up thinking that apples should taste like grapes? What'll be next, candy-flavored broccoli?

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Brian Doom
Brian Doom

When the grapples first appeared a few years ago I thought there might be more flavors on the way... not yet though!

I speculate what happened was: it's about 5+ years ago, and apples are tending to taste the same.  With lame apples, what if we dress them up a bit and make them grape flavored?  The Grapple is born.

But in the next few years, the heirloom apple industry takes off.  Now there is more taste and more apple variety.  The demand for a different-flavored apple is met without injecting weird juice into them.  Thus, the Grapple remains a novelty.

What do you think?

armchair editor
armchair editor

You misused the phrase begs the question. Click on my commenter name above.