The 10 Best $10-and-Under Dishes of 2011

Lauren Shockey
Ellabess dished out a lovely corn soup for $10.

The end of the year usually sees a lot of money being spent, whether on holiday gifts or new outfits or doling out bonuses to dutiful employees. So with 2012 just beginning, it's probably time to save some dough. While New York City might be expensive, you can still eat quite well for cheap. Below are my favorite dishes from 2011 that were all $10 and under. As you'll see, many of the dishes pictured are appetizers and snacks, since it's still tricky to find a complete meal for under 10 bucks in this city. But, hey, isn't eating light another resolution you're trying to keep in 2012?

10. Chilled Corn Soup at Ellabess: Although I didn't love everything at Ellabess, I was a big fan of the corn soup garnished with house-made queso fresco and a snowdrift of shaved truffles. This $10 sweet ode to golden kernels isn't on the menu now as corn's out of season, but keep this filed away till summer. 153 Elizabeth Street, 212-925-5559

9. Egg Salad Sandwich at the Cannibal: Confession -- I once hated egg salad with a passion. For years, I shunned the gloopy, mayo-laden, beige-colored concoction. But then I went to the Cannibal and changed my tune. Here, the eggs are minced really fine and walloped with green curry paste, answering the salad's prayers it didn't know it was praying for. A sprinkling of cilantro adds depth, making this one tasty, life-changing $9 egg salad sandwich. 113 East 29th Street, 212-686-5480

Lauren Shockey
Mmm, deep-fried pizza

8. Montanara Pizza at Forcella: Some of the pies at Brooklyn's (and now Manhattan's) Forcella can be hit-or-miss, but you can't go wrong with the montanara, the deep-fried pie that's a steal at 10 bucks. The dough is submerged in oil, then sauced and topped with mozzarella, and then baked. Crispy, chewy, gooey: delicious. 485 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, 718-388-8820

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