Minutes of the Organ Meat Society, Five-Course Dinner at Hospoda

Course 3: Beef Hearts With Bacon Sauce and Dumplings -- This thin stew, powerfully flavored with minced bacon and shot with paprika, was to be ladled over sliced, steamed dumplings, something like northern Chinese bao. The heart was tender and not particularly fibrous, and the dumplings delighted one and all.


Course 4: Fried Rabbit Livers With Tartar Sauce -- Who knew that rabbit livers were so large? Or that they'd taste so good when crumbed and fried? The Society generally agreed that this was the best dish of the evening, and we thought the notably mild livers would make a spectacular hero sandwich, especially with the homemade tartar sauce served on the side.


Course 5: Smoked Beef Tongue With Pickled Mushrooms and Potato Puree -- We were almost too full to approach the tongue, but we did and found it silky smooth and smoked as much as good Texas barbecue. A thoroughly worthwhile dish, however, and the tiny white pickled mushrooms formed a nice flavor contrast.

The closing moments of the meal

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Where can I sign up for this group?

Darcy Cambridge
Darcy Cambridge

They certainly do a great job with presentation. Then again, I think presentation is much more influential when you're about to eat something as scary (to me) as Pork Blood Soup... I respect the bravery!

Leslie-Anne Brill
Leslie-Anne Brill

When they're hankerin' for some organsand want 'em somethin' offal,this sup-tet of a meatupgets a sweet organ-ic mouthful--among the selections, there isn't a dud.None utter: dear waiter, there's soup in my blood,none quiver at liver, or gripe about tripe,and no heads are hung when tummy meets tongue.The dumplings they heart--and stuffed, they depart.