Mutton Eggs. Ever Tried 'Em?

Wait a minute. Do geriatric sheep lay eggs?

A few nights ago, some friends were sitting around Kavkaz, a restaurant on Coney Island Avenue specializing in the food of the Caucasus (that's a region in the former Soviet Union, not an electoral process), when we spied an unusual dish on the menu styled "mutton eggs w/ potatoes." Hmmm, I didn't think muttons laid eggs," a member of the group thoughfully piped up.

Here's what the entire dish looked like. Pretty, right?

Pale, ovoid, and spongy, the "eggs" really did resemble eggs, and the flavor was appropriately bland, too. They made a wonderful combination with the fried potatoes and onions, the whole thing glistening with grease.

We quickly finished up every morsel. Can you guess what we were eating?

The exterior shines invitingly on a rather barren stretch of C.I.A.

943 Coney Island Avenue
Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

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In Turkey you often see koc yumurtasi (ram's eggs) on menus, and I guess these were the same, i.e. testicles.  Or it could be ambiguous just like "sweetbreads".

Seth Gordon
Seth Gordon

Testicles, I'd assume.

JoeDoe makes awesome "lamb fries" (same thing) on occasion, worth checking out when they're on the menu... Cooked just right, they're like great sweetbreads.


These were bigger than the usual lamb fries, so I guess maybe they actually came from post-lamb sheep. The dish jiz-biz on the same menu (which we also ordered) had the more diminutive lamb fries in it.