Where Am I Eating?

It may be a brand-new year, but here at Fork in the Road, we've got more of the same old. Same old fun, that is. Yes, it's time to play our weekly picture guessing game, Where Am I Eating? As always, take a look at the picture below. Then name the restaurant that serves the pictured dish, leaving your guesses in the comments. The first person to answer correctly will win a cookbook from our ever-growing stacks. Don't know where I'm eating? No worries -- hints will be given out throughout the week if no one names the spot. And if you haven't played before, why not start today? It can be the first 2012 resolution that's easy to keep.

Lauren Shockey

For more dining news, head to Fork in the Road, or follow us @ForkintheRoadVV, or me @ldshockey.

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Well, the week is over and you have a new one! Do we get to find out where you were eating??


Samosa chat from somewhere. It's not Bhojan. Masalawala?