Where Do I Find Northern Chinese Dumplings? [Happy Chinese New Year!]

Northern Chinese dumplings, thick-skinned and cheap

Samantha G. asks: Hey! I love northern Chinese food. I grew up with a wonderful northern/Cantonese dim-sum-style restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. I was wondering if there is anything similar in NYC? Thanks!

Dear Samantha: While NYC has plenty of Cantonese dim sum palaces, I don't know of any that offer an exclusively northern take on what is basically a southern phenomenon.

That said, we had an influx of northern Chinese dumpling places beginning about a decade ago, usually located on the fringes of the city's five Chinatowns. These are generally stall-size and offer none of the creature comforts (beer, big family tables, dragons with blinking eyes, rolling carts) that your request seems to imply. Nevertheless, the hearty, thick-skinned dumplings (fried or steamed), wheat-based flatbreads, and other humble northern delicacies are perfectly turned out, and cheap in the extreme.

Some of our favorite dollar-dumpling stalls include:

Inexpensive Delicacies Company
99 Allen Street

China North Dumpling
15 Essex Street

Prosperity Dumpling
46 Eldridge Street

Nam Zhaou Hand Made Noodle and Dumpling Place
144 East Broadway

C & L Dumpling House
77 Chrystie Street

Vanessa's Dumpling House
118A Eldridge Street

Vanessa's, one of the original Eldridge Street stalls, now has a hipsterized Williamsburg branch, where beer is available, as is more traditional restaurant seating:

Vanessa's Dumplings
310 Bedford Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Also in Brooklyn:

205 Sackett Street
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House
4801 Eighth Avenue
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Of course, the city also has a plethora of full-service Cantonese dim sum palaces, of which we recommend:

Royal Seafood
103 Mott Street

East Ocean Palace
113-09 Queens Boulevard
Forest Hills, Queens

East Harbor
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Next time I'm in Rockville, Maryland, I'm looking for the place you mention!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Everybody tryin to get out of China.Every CCP party official Embezzel/ Steal as much as possible and come to America.No extradition.They send their kids here and go to college. They buy expensive apts in Manhattan and houses in Swank Long Island. Everybody knows they are not returning. All the women marry a American man and get citizenship. They dump their Chinese husbands.The rich Chinese that get to come to America all eatin French haute cusine and wine. They look down on the poor immigrants and ABC that are eating dumplings.

Thomas Zed
Thomas Zed

Homey has a point. They're called 小吃- snacks basically & you see xiao chi restos all over China. Food stalls are mostly 肉串 (insert animal) rou chaun(r)- kebabs of every sort imaginable. Spicy Xinjiang lamb is most popular. Check out the street meat cart on 8th avenue & 61st in Sunset. They're serving chaun(r) til 3 am most nights about 20 feet from the N train. As far as jiaozi go, Vanessa's is super hipsterized & while it has the best sesame bao around, it's super taxing to just wait around forever in there. Prosperity is the original & sells 100 packs for about $11.


I just came back from China. People in China eat dumplings with lamb sandwich's. Its considered fast food like eating hotdogs and burgers. What's also common is all sorts of meat and seafood on stick grilled kebab . Chicken and lamb pieces on stick is very common.


Thanks for the report, CarlitoChinto!


RSietsema:In Beijing you will crack up laughing in a good way. The Manchu & Mongol Chinese heritage in the cooking is ingrained in the Beijing method of preparing meats. There are cured meats like cured donkey meat and cured horse meat. They were extremely tender and moist cut in slices and you spread  spicy garlic sauce on it. It was delicious. They serve it on a platter. You eat it with hot steamy wheat buns. Fantastic. The other version of the prepared meats are  boiled in garlic and spices served dry and cold. The spices cooked in the process [i.e anise, cumin & pepper] are inbeded into the meat making it delicious with scallion pancakes. Served on a platter as well. It's common to make a Chinese version of a Kati Roll with slices of scallion and Chinese spicy mustard.

The "Peking Duck" or really North Asia goose is meaty fantastic out of this world. The spieces of goose in Northern Asia and the intense preparation is awesome.

There is a widely asorted collection of about 23 Uygiur Chinese restaurants in Beijing offering Pan Turk/Middle Eastern influence cuisine. Believe me, the hummus is fantastic in Beijing.