Year of the Takeout: Day 24


Shrimp With Curry Sauce from China Gourmet (877 Eighth Avenue, 212-246-8181)

This project is starting to make eating feel like Groundhog Day.

Unfortunately, Andie MacDowell isn't around to slap me.

But I suppose that's not much of a review.

So ... yes. Review: This $5.75 pick/plate/offering/dish features something and something, with something else and hints of yet something entirely different altogether. Literary/filmic allusion TK.

(OK, sticklers. Here it really is: So you know, the scant shrimp are just fine, as are the powdery curry sauce and onion nest cradling the concoction.)

Ah. Perhaps this is the critical angle. The whole meat-vegetable-sauce, meat-vegetable-sauce, meat-vegetable-sauce routine starts to grate on your palate after several weeks. But is it the fault of the kind of food sampled in Year of the Takeout, or simply a result of the frequency?

Tell me what you think. Would I be going this bonkers if, say, the experiment involved Polish food or burritos or omelets?

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Maybe a combination of both.  I see you've been including egg rolls, soup, dumplings, noodles, etc. in your orders; keep doing that and it may not be so tedious.


Unfortunately, Andie Mac Dowell isn't around to slap me.

I volunteer to do that.


You've totally glossed over the fact that China Gourmet is the best takeout in the area.  That dish does not at all do them justice.  Try to get in there during lunch someday.  It's always packed.  They give you a $6 lunch special that's good and filling, and that's no easy task, especially in midtown.

As someone who lives and dies with Chinese takeout, I would like to lend my support for you to soldier on.  In terms of variety, who has a bigger menu than a Chinese takeout?  If I had to eat omelettes everyday for a year, I might make it for two days. And burritos?  Ugh.