Year of the Takeout: Day 28


Hacked Chicken from China Place (3141 Broadway, 212-749-8888)

For $4.25, you can get a dish that sounds like something dreamed up by Patrick Bateman, so why wouldn't you?

The chicken, which dissolves into moist, salty shards with each bite, has a rich, birdy flavor (and perhaps even hints of cilantro, green onion, and lemongrass), though the dressings -- a peanut glaze and a sweet, chili-sauce-like dollop -- feel a bit quotidian.

Perhaps a surprise will be in store for Year of the Takeout's stomach tomorrow, when we return to our regularly scheduled programming of purportedly "low-end" carry-away joints.

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It's now 3:59 AM on January 31 and Day 29 has not been posted. Could this be a sign that Year of the Takeout has come to a very premature end? I've got my fingers crossed.


Hi, ugh!

Thanks for the read, even if your comment -- like so many of your others -- reflects your continued dislike of my writing :)