Our 10 Most Romantic Restaurants

For a romantic date à la Lady and the Tramp, look no further.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, meaning it's time to make a dinner resy at a romantic restaurant. But what, exactly, makes a restaurant romantic? In some cases it's ambiance -- a fireplace or candles go a long way in setting the mood. Ditto a killer view. But as a friend recently quipped, "Romance is a pig's head split in two, with cheeks that yield to the tines of a fork." At the end of the day, a romantic restaurant is what the customer makes out of it. Hell, if you're tossing back sliders at White Castle with the love of your life on Valentine's Day, that's pretty awesome and thrilling. So with all that in mind, we present Our 10 Best Romantic Restaurants -- places where we'd be stoked to be taken on a date and have some hot lovin' afterward.

10. The Bourgeois Pig: If there were ever a restaurant designed with Valentine's Day in mind, it is the Bourgeois Pig. Red brocade walls, plush velour chairs, a good wine list, plus multiple types of sweet and savory fondue -- it's like a bordello, but classier! And full of melted cheese! Nevertheless, a tempting spot for a tête-à-tête. 111 East 7th Street, 212-475-2246

9. Vinegar Hill House: You really can't beat this American bistro for that classic Brooklyn date experience. It's cozy, quaint, and yet still unassuming. Get the roast chicken for two, a bottle of champagne, and a salted caramel custard and call it a night. 72 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-522-1018

8. PDT: Sure, the novelty aspect of PDT is high. But having to walk through a fake phone booth to enter a speakeasy that also serves wacky hot dogs and tater tots just adds to the charm of Jim Meehan's cocktail lair. And, hello, that Chang dog is pretty effing delicious. 113 St. Marks Place, 212-614-0386

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haha remember when the voice had journalists and the columns had some fucking reason to exist? No me either. Bye Hoberman. VV just become the crappiest lesbian party photo rag in America, with possibly the worst restaurant reviews published on paper. oh yeah and leftist activism paid for by ads for korean sex slaves. fight the power!


The best place on V Day is your place!! Resturants are too busy and too crowded.


Funny that you mention Zenkichi. That place is super romantic. I wish I had done a little bit of research and made myself aware of that fact before I took my ex-girlfriend (who I was definitely not trying to romance) there for her birthday a few years ago. Oops.