My 5 Favorite NYC Breakfast Spots

The doubly buttered almond croissant at Tartine

This is an admittedly quirky and idiosyncratic list of the places I wish I were eating breakfast right now, and the things I'd be eating.

5. Almond Croissant at Tartine (above) -- No, not the same as San Francisco's Tartine, yet just as good in its own limited way. A rustic, Brittany-style croissant is split lengthwise, doused with butter, stuck back together, and re-baked with slivered almonds and powdered sugar. It may be the city's richest pastry. 253 West 11th Street, 212-229-2611

4. Eggs, Grits, and Sausage at Egg -- You want to eat eggs? Go to a place called Egg, a Williamsburg culinary pioneer that raised the ovi of nicely treated poultry to a high art form, and put breakfast up on a pedestal for the first time in decades. This meal ain't too colorful, but it makes it all up in flavor, and those Anson Mill grits are superb. 135 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, 718-302-5151

3. Tex-Mex Breakfast Taco at Whirlybird -- Anyone who's ever touched an Austin breakfast taco can never forget it. So we're grateful to have this unreconstructed specimen transplanted here. Available in two rather similar variations; just think of it as saving you from having to make difficult choices. 254 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, 718-208-8555

2. Congee at Coluck -- Rice cooked down to a stomach-soothing gruel, then laced with fresh ginger and sprinkled with chopped scallions. It can be had plain, or with a roster of very satisfactory extra ingredients added in: minced beef, preserved egg, pig stomach, or sliced chicken. Also known as jook, it constitutes one of the world's most comforting breakfasts, and the crunchy and spongy cruller provides extra ballast. Chinatown Arcade,16 Elizabeth Street, 212-732-6322

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Surprised no mention of a great ham and cheese croissant like at La Bergamote or some Mile End breakfast magic. Glad Egg was included though.I'd rather have a full dim sum spread than congee for breakfast but to each his own (shoulder shrug).Agreed on Jersey (smh)

Holly Moore
Holly Moore

Back in the 70s I helped introduce Burger King to Manhattan - the premier event was a Whopper eating contest between the Jets and the Giants, reffed by an unknown Andy Kaufman with Marv Albert providing the bite by bite analysis. The point being is I got to spend a month at the Plaza on the corporate dole setting up the event. It was there I came to appreciate the hotel breakfast. This is back when the Plaza was the Plaza. Breakfast was served in the Tulip Room on the 5th Ave and 59th Street corner. Tall ceiling, huge windows overlooking Central Park. Starched table clothes, napkins and waiters. A bakery basket heaped with freshly baked croissants, rolls and muffins. Impeccably  scrambled eggs, toast served at attention, bacon as rashers. Silver service. Coffee seemingly refilled after every sip. Fin 'n haddie, Kippered herring. Plump sausage links that spat juice when poked. Tables large enough to read the Times. That's a New York breakfast.


where's the hard-boiled egg, cheese, a pickle, warm brown bread, beer n coffee? NYC must not have a germantown