The Amstel Light Burger Bash and a Week of Burger Competitions

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It all started with the Shake Shack burger.

The Amstel Light Burger Bash competition, which took place last Saturday at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, capped off a week of animated searching for the best and worst burger nationwide and here in the city.

In Miami, Food Network star Michael Symon won the people's choice award for his pork and bacon burger topped with pulled pork and coleslaw from his Cleveland restaurant B Spot. The judges' vote, however, was for Miami restaurant Whisk's burger with crispy shallots, bacon, and Swiss. It beat out those of Josh Capon, Andrew Carmellini, Sean Brock, Richard Blais, and Shake Shack. Eater has a video of the competition and winner announcement.

Earlier last week in New York, Times critic Pete Wells put seven burgers under $10 up against Shake Shack's, following his review of the chain restaurant. The burgers at Steak 'n Shake and FoodParc won the critic's heart. See the full list of burgers at Diner's Journal.

In response to Wells' review of Shake Shake, Gawker asked readers to help determine New York's worst burger. The rules of the competition: no national fast-food chains, and you have to explain why the burger is bad. The blog collected nominations last week and will soon conduct a taste test.

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