Anyone Seen This Fruit Before?

No, it's not a potato, though it looks like one.

Fork in the Road often finds itself turning to its readers for identification of foodstuffs we stumble on in area markets but can't figure out. We have another request. This fruit was being sold at the open-air market in Chinatown at the corner of Mulberry and Canal.

It has a brown, rough, almost sandpapery skin, more like a legume or tuber than a fruit. It was being sold for $5 per pound -- a bit expensive -- and the pictured specimen was $2.

When I asked what it was called in Chinese, the woman selling the fruit consulted with another employee, who thought a moment, and then said, "Tah-Moo-Tay."

The fruit seller then admonished me to not eat it for three days, or "until soft." As such, I'm not cutting the thing open until it softens, at which point, if it hasn't been ID'd, I'll post a photo of the interior and an account of how it tastes.

Oh, heck. I'll do it anyway.

Know what it is? Please enlighten us. Another picture below.

Might be fun to try to make french fries with these.

By the way, the Kavkazi pickle has yet to be identified.

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Dev Anand
Dev Anand

It does look like a sapota.  Grows like crazy in  India as well.  Brown soft flesh inside with 3-4 large pits.  the flesh is very sweet when ripe but is a little grainy.  in north india it is called chikoo.  


Looks like "chickoo", Indian name for this fruit. You don't want to wait until it gets too soft. Consistency of a ripe pear is fine.  More on it here:


Thanks so much Claudia, that seems like it may be it. Any other ideas, anyone?


Also just got an email from my friend Mike Epstein, who says it's a sapodilla, which turns out to be another name for manikara zapota fruit. Can't wait to cut into it, except it's still hard as a rock.