Coluck: Hong Kong Fusion Diner

One of Coluck's signature dishes is spaghetti luxuriantly topped with ham, chicken, and cream corn.

This week Counter Culture crawls into the cave of the Chinatown Arcade, investigating one of the city's Hong Kong-style cafés, where fusion elements run to southern Chinese, British, American, regional Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. There's nothing quite like it now on the American dining scene with the possible exception of the Greek diner, which probably fuses as many culinary elements on one menu. So climb with us into Coluck, where Italian sausage has been added to the list of favored Hong Kong ingredients. Find out how the fennel sausage tastes matched with kimchi and ramen.

The big picture windows at Coluck look into an alleyway.

Small sandwiches are made on sesame-seeded bao, like this one of Spam and egg.

You can even get a peanut butter sandwich on toasted white bread.

Egg breakfast comes with a hot dog. That's good!

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Morning Robert.

HK diner (aka cha chan tang) runs the gamut. You could have the sauce (such as the creamed corn and harm) served over rice in place of spaghetti if you prefer. And you must get the red bean ice next time. Btw, I would also recommend Cha Chan Tang, but a more 'upscale' HK style cafe on Mott Street, popularily patronized by youngsters and couples. There, definitely try the cold 'silk stocking' milk tea, a Hong Kong style tea served in a bucket with ice and the fried mantou with condensed milk dipping sauce. :) 


Thanks so much, kim, looking forward to trying Cha Chan Tang and that milk tea.