5 Aphrodisiac Foods and Where to Find Them to Put You in the Mood For Love

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Hot hot hot

Chile peppers: They raise your heart rate and circulation levels, mimicking bodily reaction similar to those from sex. Light the fire within and by heading to one of the city's spicy Chinese eateries. Hot favorites we've recently reviewed include Land of Plenty, Hot Kitchen, He Nan Flavor, and Hunan Kitchen.

Have a cocoa connection.

Chocolate: OK, OK. Because it's Valentine's Day, it does seem a little unfair to exclude chocolate from the list. And the Big Apple isn't short on spots to get your cocoa fix. AZYA Wine & Chocolate Bar recently expanded to the West Village, while Cocoa Bar has plied the Lower East Side and Brooklyn with chocolate and vino. If it's just a box of chocolates you're after, however, you can't go wrong with Kee's Chocolates or Christopher Norman, and newcomer Ladurée whips up some tasty bars in addition to its famed cookies. At least arguably tastier than balut.

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