Eating Penis at Minzhongle (NSFW)

The roster of organ meats available at Minzhongle is indeed impressive.

In my capacity as scout for the Organ Meat Society, I've stumbled on a broad range of offal and other variety meats. It's easy enough to find liver, tongue, chitterlings, stomach tripe, sweetbreads, and even kidney, but there's an entire world of organs out there much more difficult to find in area restaurants. Brains and lungs are somewhat difficult, but the hardest of all is penis.

I snapped to attention when I examined the separate menu of tableside barbecue selections, since it offered lots of organ meats, including mutton testicles and bull penis. I'd eaten testicles recently at Kavkaz (the subject of a recent Counter Culture review), but it's been nearly a decade since I've feasted on the male organ. It just isn't that easy to find.

For those who are not fans, the male penis is much more like gristle than meat; an erection is a hydraulic phenomenon that doesn't involve muscle. Therefore, bull penis (which is much more slender than you'd expect -- how does he pleasure the cow?) is translucent and chewy. If it weren't for the gritty and ketchup-y red chili sauce that comes alongside, there would be no flavor at all.

So why eat it? Well, on home turf, the foodstuff is considered an aid to male virility. Here, we must just be content with the arcane thrill of eating -- animal penis. And I don't blame you for being a bit squeamish.

This is what $12 worth of bull penis looks like.

37-14 Main Street
Flushing, Queens

Note: Sadly, Minzhongle closed in April. Here's Fork in the Road's obit.

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