Tea Room's Kombucha Party in Williamsburg

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The drink that is taking over Williamsburg
Tea Room, a kombucha bar (yes, you read right, a bar dedicated almost exclusively to serving kombucha), just opened in Williamsburg last week, according to Grub Street. It sells six types of kombucha, all prettily named: Sunset Peach, Jasmine Pearl, Gingerly Love, Chocolate Tart, Silver Needle Jasmine, and Golden Needle. The kombucha, from the Kombucha Party brand, is being offered alongside 15 different types of tea, coconut juice, and Japanese coffee.

This Saturday, you can try all the kombucha flavors you want from 1 to 7 p.m. at Tea Bar's grand-opening party. All kombucha will be $3, and there will be live music.

Tea Bar (439 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn)

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