Slice & Co. Will Soon Feed Pizza to the Drunken Masses on MacDougal Street

Lauren Shockey
Pizza for everyone

MacDougal Street isn't short on cheap eats -- check out Our Man Sietsema's excellent roundup of bites -- but for those seeking a farinaceous fix, a new brick-oven pizza spot is rolling onto the block. Signage for an outpost of Slice & Co. is now up at 95 MacDougal Street.

While there's no question that the block loves its drunk-food options, it's a bit of a gamble to set up shop within steps of Percy's $1 Pizza, which has been deemed the best $1 slice in town. Still, more pizza in Greenwich Village is better than less pizza.

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Pizza is not good. To salty. Only thing good is the crust. 


So, Slice & Co finally opened up, and it was well worth the wait. Yesterday night, my wife and I finally got to try one of their slices, I got a buffalo chicken slice, and my wife got the margherita slice. Hands down the best crust on the block, very thin and not oozing with fat like the $ dollar slice down the block. Since they are new, the place is super clean, with really friendly staff. It was hard not to try all the slices, but they are very filling for the amount you pay. Its also great that they don't use canned topics, which almost all pizzerias have. As we were sitting inside i saw the delivery boy come out with a bunch of pies, and then 10 minutes later was back to get more for another order: pretty quick delivery. Will probably be a valued customer and can't wait to place a delivery for my family to try. 

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