Victoria Bekiempis' Year of the Takeout on FiTR Featured on Today Show Blog

FiTR's own Vic Bekiempis hiding behind some carryout cartons

Fork in the Road (and Runnin' Scared) scribe Victoria Bekiempis has been eating her way through the city's largely unchronicled Chinese takeaway restaurants. She's completing her sixth week of a year-long project, and her efforts have already attracted the attention of NBC's Today show blog.

Her plan is to eat once every day in a Chinese restaurant, take a picture, and post the results. Among other things, the series demonstrates how regional Chinese cuisines have gradually infiltrated what used to be a mainly Cantonese canon.

Her conclusions so far? "'It's had its ups and downs, however, there are definitely more ups than down,' she said. 'There were a few days when I kept getting exceedingly mediocre plates, and it was difficult to power through that. Sometimes you get particular dish and all you want is cheeseburger. My expectation is that I'm going to get a lot of run-of-the-mill stuff, but it's the diamonds in the rough make this project worthwhile.'"

See the entire Year of the Takeout series here.

And read the interview with MSNBC.

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I want to know if you lose weight or gain weight. I often have felt chinese food would be better for you then most take out, except for the high sodium. (Better watch that blood pressure)  Because it incorporates a lot of vegetables that are good for you yet low in calories. Please keep us posted!!! Imagine how you would feel if you lived in China, as far as cravings.


Chin Garden in Bakersfield California is a tiny place with amazing food. its a hidden treasure of this town. one place to try.


Hi there! Thanks guys for the comments. So far no weight gain, but I am generally a pretty active person. Know of any good places in New York? If so, let me know!

kim m
kim m

Xi'an famous foods  on Bayard St.