Year of the Takeout Day 41: Chinese Musician Restaurant


Tofu With Pork, Chicken, Black Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots, and Vegetables from Chinese Musician Restaurant (151 Greenpoint Avenue, 718-383-5340)

OK, so this $10.95 tofu dish was actually pretty good -- the gravy had zesty hints of ginger, the tofu had a jellied-yet-firm texture, and Year of the Takeout had no complaints about the meat. Meanwhile, the plentiful portion of fungi added a woody smokiness. Overall, this is something YotT would easily recommend (and consider eating again).

However, the best thing that humble Chinese Musician (near-empty on a Saturday night) has to offer might just be hubris.

From the website:

Fine Dining has its place, and in Greenpoint Brooklyn you can find it at the Chinese Musician Restaurant, an elegant fine-dining establishment renowned for providing the ultimate Cantonese dining experience. Nested central to Greenpoint Brooklyn and Williamsburg Brooklyn, the restaurant seats 140 and hosts banquets, weddings and personal dinner retreats, making it a favorite for visiting celebrities and dignitaries.

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The problem with this series is that Chinese food simply doesn't photograph well. This picture looks really terrible....


Yeah and That place is so FLITHY it has Roaches everywhere I would not let my dog eat there for free !!!   and in the summer they cut cut Chicken in the back yard and sometimes leave it there in the HOT SUN for a long while .. Suprised that place hasent been shut down yet !!!