Year of the Takeout Day 59: Tasty King


Seaweed Bean Curd Soup from Tasty King (534 East 14th Street, 212-979-8333)

So unexpectedly delightful is the seaweed bean curd soup at Tasty King that we are very tempted to make any number of possible royalty/quality-themed puns, but we still have some self-respect -- and this is not one of those taxicab movie minute things -- so we'll just be blunt.

The $3 pint boasts a hearty, bold broth -- that's somehow neither too bullion-heavy nor waterlogged, and not at all your run-of-the-mill miso (or even anything close!)

Meanwhile, endless-seeming strands of black-green seaweed swirl through the hot portion, swaddling chunks of steamed tofu.

Year of the Takeout hasn't seen this on another Chinese-American menu. For soups, this might even beat China Star's hot and sour.


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Victoria, I love the concept of this column.  but for real, you need to put more effort into the photography.  I mean seriously, it's atrocious.  every dish you photograph looks putrid and disgusting, even when you write about how good whatever it is, is. For instance, you apparently love this soup, but the photo is absolutely disgusting.  Aside from the overall lack of care in the lighting and framing, the soup itself seriously looks like sewage, or maybe an abandoned algae-infested fish tank. It just sucks because year of the takeout could be really cool, but unfortunately the photography makes one not even want to read it.  Anyone who writes about food should know the importance of the accompanying image, but you approach these photos with a frustrating, rather shameful lack of care. Do you not realize the disservice you are doing to the food and to your own writing?  I mean how hard is it to take a decent picture?

Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw

 what's she gonna do set up a frickin' tri-pod??Join the Now: cellphone pics.....