Booze News: Obscure Grapes, Bartenders' Last Drinks

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A roundup of some great booze stories and lists floating around recently:

Tasting Table NYC shows us where to get wines made with the obscure Romorantin grape, which until recently "has remained virtually unknown to all but the geekiest hardcore drinkers because the wines made from it are produced exclusively in France's microscopic Cour-Chevery region."

In the Times, Eric Asimov talks with a trusted associate of Rudy Kurniawan, the rare wine dealer recently charged with fraud.

Find out what NYC's top bartending talent, including Dushan Zaric of Employees Only, Theo Lieberman of Milk & Honey, and Julie Reiner of Lani Kai, pour themselves at the end of their shifts at Imbibe.

Chuck Cowdery tells us that the rye boom is so big that some producers are struggling to keep with demand.

Food Republic rolls out with a top 10 craft breweries list.

At Ephemeral New York, a brief history of Blarney Stone bars in NYC.

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Isn't this the guy Matthew Abramcyk who was raided by the SLA at TheBeatriceInn?  Pretty sure they had a few ladies working that coke den too. They sure as hell didn't make their money selling booze!


Yes, according to persons familiar with the investigation all of the llc's under David Jrolsawicz's control including No Moore Oysters llc, 109 W Broadway llc, 77 Warren llc, and 135 W Broadway llc, Webway llc, 385 Greenwich llc, 71 North Moore llc, Randal llc and Yenen llc's may all fall under the probe an incredible turn along with since all of these llc's trace back to buildings linked to Jarolsawicz's with ties to money laundering under the scope of this investigation.


It's funny you mention fraud. Did anyone catch Matt Abramcyk's lawyer David Jaroslawicz the lawyer behind Smith and Mills, Maritime llc at 385 Greenwich in the Ivy's Bistro space, Super Linda who was the same lawyer behind the Webway llc v Bouley case again tied to Abramcyk and Tiny's office was just raided for money laundering tied to all these llc's for the madams? It looks like this is all linked.