Burnside Brooklyn's Sparkling Rose

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The drink: Sparkling Rose

The bar: Burnside Brooklyn (506 Grand Street, 347-889-7793)

The price: $10

The ingredients: Laird's Applejack, lemon juice, house grenadine, Paul Louis champagne

The buzz: Burnside Brooklyn, a bar with a relaxed vibe that just opened in Williamsburg, serves Midwestern beers on tap and unfussy pre-Prohibition-style cocktails. The best one out of the lot, with the most girlish name, pairs applejack and champagne, a combination that's usually too sweet. But in the Sparkling Rose, these ingredients are spiked with a good amount of lemon juice and a slightly sour house grenadine, making a straightforward drink that still fits the bill.

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garage equipment
garage equipment

Burnside Brooklyn's Sparkling rose with it's girly name are girl's friendly. But I'm still prefer to the sweetest one. The good thing with  this is it still fits to your bill.

Industry City at Bush Terminal
Industry City at Bush Terminal

It sounds like a great drink to try out the next time we pass by Burnside Brooklyn. We definitely won't let the name fool us next time.

Samuel Palmer-Simon
Samuel Palmer-Simon

Applejack is a eau de vie with no sugar added in the distillation process and Champagne tends towards dryness as well. I don't see what you mean by the two together being "usually too sweet."