Choice Eats 2012: A Few Snapshots

One innovation this year was the appearance of cafeteria trays, enabling one to amass several dishes at once, and then enjoy them. This guy told me, "I got mine on the Bowery for $2."

The Fifth Annual Choice Eats tasting event was under way in one form or another from 5:30 to 9 p.m. this evening. There were more restaurants than ever before, representing a greater range of cuisines. Here are some photos of the event, including a few random dishes: No one person could hope to sample them all. See a complete list of participants here.

A Civil War battle raged in the background of the VIP lounge. "The South appears to be winning," noted one attendee.

Most agreed that the Nigerian chicken pepper soup from Buka was the hottest thing at the festival.

The Joe Dough crew with their long, long heroes

Cured arctic char from Edi and the Wolf

The northern aisle of the armory reached its maximum crowdedness around 7:30.

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