Kate's Joint in the East Village Needs Rescuing

There's a campaign afoot to save Kate's Joint, a vegetarian restaurant in the East Village that has been open since 1996. Its owner, Kate Halpern, is in a bit of a pickle: She owes the building's landlord a sizable amount of back rent and might have to shut the restaurant down. But she still has grand plans for the place, which include turning part of it into a bakery that sells vegan and gluten-free treats.

Kate's Joint's Indiegogo campaign, which we heard about thanks to EV Grieve, is hoping to raise $30,000 for back rent. There are all sorts of prizes for different donation levels, including cooking classes, catering, and a dinner for two. So far, people have donated $905.

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Kate's Joint - CLOSED

58 Ave. B, New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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Hi Kate!  We work with and sell directly to restaurants who want to expand their vegetarian menu.  We sell seasoned seitan.  In fact, one of the best ways that I found one of the restaurants who carry our product serve it is right near you in the east village:  Sao Mai.  Try their banh mi chay. 

In addition, our seasoned seitan as a vegetarian/vegan gyro is quite popular.  We also have a sausage seasoned seitan for sliders! 

Kate, when can we come by for a demo?

Jessica Taft(212) 644-1974www.seasonedseitan.comTaft Foodmasters...we're on a roll!

Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw

Great veggie burgers. It'll be sad if they have to close. Ah, Alphabet Town the last bastion of freedom from complete and utter yuppie over-kill on the Isle. ....not that they're not trying!


Suggestion for Kate: create products people want to buy, and exchange those products for money.  If you manage to find enough people who want your products, you should be able to pay your rent!  I believe this is known in some circles as "a business."