Midtown Street Vendors Under Fire

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Midtown business owners have launched a campaign to clear the neighborhood's streets of their ubiquitous food carts, reports DNAinfo.

Members of the 34th Street Partnership, a not-for-profit company that advocates for neighborhood businesses, claim that the food stalls are cluttering up the street and making the neighborhood ugly. They have presented their case many times to Community Board 5, asking for the removal of most of the food carts in the area, and a makeover for the ones that remain.

"The vendors are almost exclusively terrible citizens, they litter with impunity and are generally rude to anyone who asks them to clean up," said Dan Biederman, who heads the partnership, to DNAinfo.

A street vendor named Raul countered the group's allegations, telling the news service, "They can't handle what real New York is like. They want it to be happy, shiny, bright, but we've got to make a living too."

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Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw

 That's a bad argument by Raul. Throw yer f'ing garbage you and be polite; it's not difficult.