My 5 Favorite Tea Houses

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Lauren Shockey
Fancy a cuppa tea?

New York might be a city that runs on caffeine and espresso-based beverages, but sometimes you just need a spot of soothing green tea to get you through the day. And the Big Apple offers many different types of teahouses, from hidden Japanese enclaves to bustling Brit eateries. Here are my five favorite spots for a cuppa tea.

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A large slice of toast to go with your tea at Cha-An

Cha-An Tea House: Tucked away on the second floor of a squat East Village building lies this cozy Japanese-style teahouse. In addition to the five types of black teas and the 11 assortments of green, you'll find rarer varieties like pu-erh and white teas (try the silver needle). Cookies, scones, and toasts round out the snacking options. 230 East 9th Street, 212-228-8030

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Lauren Shockey
Some lovely crustless finger sandwiches at Bosie Tea Parlor

Bosie Tea Parlor: Named for Oscar Wilde's lover, this tranquil West Village spot offers the usual bounty of afternoon-appropriate finger sandwiches, scones, and quiches. The shop also stocks an impressive selection of more than 80 uniquely flavored teas from the proprietary l'Âge de Thé. Pop in late afternoon and dig into one of the many fancy desserts, which include an assortment of colored macarons and Darjeeling tarts. Or if you really want to relax, swap a glass of wine for tea and curl up in an armchair with The Picture of Dorian Gray. 10 Morton Street, 212-352-9900

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