Sausage Roll at Myers of Keswick

Flaky pastry, crumbly sausage

At Fork in the Road, we're suckers for any combination of wieners and pastry, as we demonstrated in our recent exultation of the tiny hot dog in the croissant-shaped bun at Golden Steamer. And soon, other examples began presenting themselves.

Steam pours out of the interior as you bite into it, if you're fortunate enough to get one hot out of the oven.

Just the other day we stumbled on the sausage roll at Myers of Keswick, the wacky English country store in the West Village that sells fruit jellies, cans of beans, strange sodas, and exotic biscuits to homesick expats.

The sausage is made with a nicely larded French pastry, and the cooking process has rendered the sausage into its ground-meat component, nicely herbed. This savory delight is the perfect thing for breakfast, especially if you're a fan of fat and carbs, as we are.

Myers of Keswick
634 Hudson Street

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Myers of Keswick

634 Hudson St., New York, NY

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Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw

All their sausages and meat pies are delicious. Myer's is one of the best gems in town.Try the pork pie w/ Stilton, it is out of this world.


I love the sausage roll there. Been getting them for the last couple of years when I'm down in that neighborhood. I'm lucky I don't live too close, actually.