The Cinnamon Challenge: Don't Try This at Home, Kids

All looks good at first ...

Marilyn Hagerty might be the biggest food meme of the moment, but another culinary craze on the Internet has spiked in popularity in recent weeks: the cinnamon challenge. If you're not already aware of the challenge, the purpose of it is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without water and, naturally, film yourself on YouTube so that the whole world can share in your gastronomic delights and disgust. But -- shocker of all shockers -- doctors are warning that this is an actually dangerous activity, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Doctors note that ingesting cinnamon can prevent air from reaching the lungs, posing a choking hazard. But middle schoolers don't care -- they just want to be cool! One school in Pennsylvania has even banned open-top boots to prevent kids from smuggling vials of cinnamon on campus.

And, as the plethora of YouTube videos can attest, grown-ups are bizarrely also partaking in the fun.

But seriously, people, this doesn't even look like a good time:

cinnamonchallenge after.JPG
Not so fun after you swallow, huh

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