A First Look at the Hester Street Fair: Lobster Rolls, Alcoholic Cupcakes + Bulgogi Sandwiches

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Clarissa Wei
Lobster roll from Luke's Lobster, $8

The Hester Street Fair kicked off Saturday with a solid turnout and an amazing selection of vendors. We got to the Lower East Side around noon, and though there was a crowd beginning to form, the area was definitely still navigable.

No worries if you missed out on the opening-day festivities. Located on the corner of Hester and Essex, the street fair will be here for New Yorkers until October 27. There's a good mix of vintage antique stores and food vendors--but be warned, the foot traffic tends to gravitate toward the food.

Forgive us: We were tempted to try everything on tap, but our wallets and stomach simply did not permit it. We did try our best, though. Here's a roundup on some of the food items.

Clarissa Wei
Rhubarb Pie from Pies 'n' Thighs, $5

Clarissa Wei
Chicken biscuit from Pie 'n' Thighs, $6

Pies 'n' Thighs was one of the most popular stands at the market. On Saturday, it had two specials: the rhubarb pie, topped with a dollop of whipped cream, and the signature chicken biscuit, which was slathered with an amazing hot sauce over buttered biscuits.

Clarissa Wei
Prohibition Bakery cupcakes, $2 apiece

It's booze in cupcake form: Prohibition Bakery sells miniature cupcakes for $2 each. We had a tasting of the Pretzels & Beer (ingredients: pretzel, bass pale ale, Nutella, truffles), which was a one-bite wonder but a great combination of flavors. It's sweet-meets-salty, and the pretzel on the top worked so well, we almost went back for seconds.

Clarissa Wei
Shrimp roll from Luke's Lobster, $8

Luke's Lobster had a solid selection of seafood rolls (crab, lobster, and shrimp). The shrimp, priced at $8 for a whole roll, was light and not at all overwhelming. The lobster is pricier at $15, but you can get the half-lobster for $8 if you just want a tasting. No regrets there.

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