Beer For Beasts 2012: A Photo Diary

The calm before the storm: First session attendees line up outside the Bell House around 1 p.m.

On Saturday, the Bell House hosted the second annual Beer for Beasts, a charity event jointly sponsored by Brooklyn's Sixpoint Brewery and Boston's Beer Advocate. The event benefited the Humane Society of New York. Last year, $28,000 was raised for the charity. Food was provided for attendees via a series of familiar food trucks parked outside.

Cathy Erway holds up a glass of Fart-Free Beer.

In the barroom and in the main hall of the rock club, 50 small-batch beers were presented, all of them exceedingly experimental and quirky. The event has become popular among adventuresome beer fanatics, curious to try things like You're in Trouble (a Belgian strong ale made by a urologist), Up in Smoke (a smoked porter with the aroma of burning newspapers), Sour Gripes (a funky farmhouse ale), Thai White Beer (a witbier brewed with kaffir lime leaves, ginger-like galangal, and lime), and Dinkel Dirndl Dunkel (a Munich-style dark beer). A full list of beers and their makers can be found here.

For the second year in a row, Cathy Erway and I brewed a beer for the event. This year it was Fart-Free Beer, a light ale flavored with epazote, an herb often used to flavor beans in southern Mexico, said to have anti-carminative properties, hence the name. I also worked as a volunteer at the event, which entails lugging kegs of beer, carrying bags of garbage, pulling beers, and other tasks, under the supervision of the Beer Advocate staff. Here are some photos I took at Beer for Beasts 2012.

Working the taps in the main room at the Bell House

The Alstrom brothers of Beer Advocate, in black shirts facing the camera, enjoying the Big Gay Ice Cream milkshake made of beer wort and garnished with caramel corn

Doug Quint of Big Gay Ice Cream

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