For Homesick Angelenos: The 5 Best Things To Eat at Florencia 13

The burrito mechado (your choice of fillings) is lightly baked and smothered in sauce.

This week, Counter Culture crawls into Florencia 13, one of New York's only Cal-Mex gastronomic resources and a haven for Californians. (I would link to the piece, except it's not going up for a few hours, and I'm about to hop on a plane to Austin and Kansas City for an eight-day barbecue binge.) Here are my munching recommendations. You New Yorkers are invited to check it out, too.

Green chile with stewed pork--and all the fixin's!

Believe it or not, this is a chile relleno! And no breading, either, so you can fit into that skimpy swimsuit come summer.

The guac is way garlicky, the chips freshly fried, the bland salsa homemade.

But why not splurge and get a combination platter, in this case with an enchilada, hard-shell taco, and suavecito taco (left to right)?

Check out the entire menu here.

Florencia 13
185 Sullivan Street

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Florencia 13

185 Sullivan St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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