A Plethora of Bread at Landbrot

Alexia Nader
The West Village location of Landbrot

At Landbrot, a German bakery and café that opened yesterday in the West Village (137 Seventh Avenue South), you'll find an entire wall covered with loaves of bread and stands full of pretzels on the front counter.

The place is named after its signature loaf, a country rye with a heavy crust, but there are about two dozen other varieties of bread on sale -- plus pretzels, buns (including Mohnschnecken, poppy-seed-covered swirls), cakes, and sandwiches. It's hard to know where to start when trying out the goods. For breakfast, a Berliner doughnut with a pleasingly tart raspberry jelly center is a good choice.

Alexia Nader
Ich bin ein Berliner?

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