Prices Lower for Coffee, Rise for Goose Fat

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In the coming months, buyers can expect major changes in the prices of two luxury food products--coffee and goose fat. Coffee prices are at their lowest level in 18 months due to anticipation of an exceptional Brazilian harvest, according to the AP.

The price of coffee fell by 4.5 cents to $1.747 per pound Monday as buyers speculated that good growing weather in Brazil will produce a robust summer harvest, starting in June. This won't mean a cheaper cup of coffee for us, though. According to analysts in the AP article, the dip in prices won't affect the consumer end of the chain, because businesses are paying more to produce and ship coffee.

Meanwhile, Europe is experiencing a severe shortage of goose fat, which is expected to lead to a sharp increase in prices of the product, according to The Telegraph. Farmers in countries in Eastern Europe, particularly in Poland, have begun selling the whole bird to suppliers rather than selling the birds' individual parts. This move has resulted in a dip in supply of goose fat. What are all the haute gastropubs in England to do?

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Coffee to Real Estate?
Coffee to Real Estate?

A pound for $1.75?  You're paying 3x that if you buy at Costco.  Maybe 4x or 5x that at your local grocery store.  And if you're buying the 16oz cup at the coffee shop?  I'd love to know - but how many 8 oz cups can 1 lb of coffee make?  I only make it and drink it at home.  How much will I save over a lifetime?  Probably a lot.  Can you do the math for us?  Enough to buy an extra 100 sq ft in a Manhattan apt on the Lower East Side?